Designing Ecommerce Websites: A UX Design Handbook for Great Online Shops

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This is the Kindle version, which includes all the guidelines and further reading links but no illustrations (for them you’ll need the print version).

Does your ecommerce site attract visitors but fail to convert enough of them into paying customers? Are your sales numbers not where you want? Have you got an ecommerce site but not yet spent any time on improving the design?

If it’s time to upgrade your website’s user experience then Designing Ecommerce Websites is the only book to tell you exactly how to do it. It provides you with 66 guidelines on how to best use every element on each page of an ecommerce website.

This book contains the results of a decade’s worth of UX design experience, and several years spent consulting with a wide range of different ecommerce startups. It is based on knowledge learned from user behaviour data and running many different usability tests. It tells you what works in reality, not in theory.

The book itself was born from teaching the principles in workshops for over four years. These are principles that are useful to a range of job roles (not just designers) and no matter what your experience level.

This book will take you step by step through the ecommerce funnel that applies to almost all ecommerce sites via scannable text and simple illustrations. It’s a reference book that is designed to be easy to pick up and quickly learn from.

  • Design LANDING pages that stop users from being confused and bouncing;
  • Create LISTINGS that help your users find a product they actually want to buy;
  • Design PRODUCT pages that don’t leave the users with any fears about buying from you;
  • Develop a CHECKOUT flow that results in more successful payments;
  • And learn MORE advice about the other key pages on an ecommerce site.

This is the second edition of the book and it features completely rewritten and updated advice for 2019, 15 totally new guidelines, and links to further reading for every guideline (so you can learn even more). The first edition was an Amazon Kindle bestseller in the ecommerce and technology business categories.